Cutting Down On Caffeine – Why Do This To Yourself?

Cutting down on caffeine was not on my to-do list for 2019. I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions (other than to generally kick ass and be as brilliant as I can be) – I’m better at breaking resolutions than making them. However, towards the end of 2018 and into the start of this year, my ability to be the best I can be has been seriously hampered by the most horrendous migraines. Full-blown, week long episodes that leave part of my face numb and my speech slurred. Not a great look.

Girl drinking tea from teacup

The health benefits of cutting down on caffeine

It is well documented that cutting down on caffeine has multiple health benefits, from lowering blood pressure, helping you sleep, improving your mood and helping you sleep – caffeine is a known migraine trigger.

So as well as making way healthier choices with my food, eating organic where possible, cutting down on the amount of meat we eat – I took the heart-wrenching decision to cut back on caffeine! So OK, this might sound dramatic but I’m that mama who needs 3 cups of tea before she can speak in sentences and at least two cups of the black stuff before she enters any kind of zone of genius! I’ll be straight up with you – the thought of cutting way back on the caffeine felt like my life support was about to be switched off.

What to Drink When Cutting Down Caffeine?

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of water, there is only so much a water infuser can do and let’s face it – when you’re a serial tea and coffee consumer, water doesn’t give the same hug as a mug!

Decaf coffee? – let’s not even go there. Once a Barista – always a Barrista. I earned those stripes in my late teens and that obsession over the perfect cup of coffee never really leaves you.

Can you drink tea when you are cutting down on caffeine?

Sadly no. Although – and this has been my salvation – you can drink fruit and herbal tea. I’ll make a bit of a disclaimer here – some fruit and herbal teas taste like something died in a mug – or as if your toddler made you a cup of tea in the mud kitchen.


Fruit Teas

So when I was offered the chance to review Bonomelli teas from Ciao Gusto there seemed no harm in trying. I already use loads of their products in the kitchen and the quality is great.  There had to be something out there that tasted as good as it looked. It even comes as part of an Ocado shop Рhappy days.

These teas are my salvation. The look so pretty and they actually taste of fruit! They are great and punchy in flavour whilst piping hot and make an incredible iced tea too! Winner winner!

But does cutting down on caffeine make you feel better?

It’s true that when you first start cutting down on caffeine it can make you feel a bit ropey for the first day or two. A bit foggy, a bit rough around the edges. But once you start to pull through the withdrawal phase – you geniuinely do start to feel better. Brighter and fresher. I have more energy and oomph. I don’t think I’ll quit caffeine – old habits die very hard indeed¬† – but I drink so so much less than I used to.

Overhead shot of herbal tea

G & Tea!

But do you know the best bit? I also stumbled on a bit of a genius invention…they make a great G&T (tea!!!…see what I did there). As well as being a play on words that leaves my 10 year old breathless with laughter – it is an incredible drink. Light and refreshing, packed with flavour – and the best bit? There is no caffeine in gin. Mamas of the world rejoice.

Simply brew the tea with your favourite teabag – chill, add ice and a slice along with your favourite gin and sit back with a smug smile on your face! (*please drink responsibily!)


overhead shot of fruit tea in a mug


DISCLAIMER – AD. The products for this post were gifted by Ciao Gusto in exchange for an honest review. I geniunely love them and my opinions are honest and all my own. The invention of G&T is my own epic happy mistake! You can thank me later.