Our summer of adventure starts here

This weekend sees the start of a very unusual summer for us. A summer holiday filled with new experiences and adventures, new places and broadening of horizons.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bragging post about how we are immersing our precious ones in every event that money can buy – we don’t have a whole heap of that. But what we do have this year is the benefit of time, a tent and so far, some sunshine. Knowing my luck all that will change and as soon as I hit ‘post’ the heavens will open. If that’s the case then I apologise for ruining your summer!

Thanks to a back injury a few years ago my kids haven’t spent many nights under canvas, nor have we really embraced the joys of a music festival or such like. This year, God willing, my back can take a few lumpy camp beds and with the opportunity to review a family tent, we’re biting the tent-peg-shaped bullet and heading out under the stars.

I want my kids to experience a new side of life. The pure exhilaration of live music, the magic of camping beneath the stars, the adventure of going off-grid and wifi-free. The adventure starts here.

Buxton – our old hunting ground

Our first adventure comes this weekend as I turn the ripe old age of 42! Sheesh – really that old? As ex-Sheffield residents we are heading back to our old stomping ground and wending our way out into the glorious Derbyshire countryside for a weekend of canvas and music. This weekend Buxton hosts the Buxton International Festival and I’m beyond excited to be heading to a concert in the stunning Spiegeltent, it really is amazing – it’s like the Paris cafes of the 1930s married the set director of The Greatest Showman! Even the story of it’s creation, near ruin and salvation by a team of enthusiastic artists is a real-life love story.


An afternoon of fabulous music

My son Leo is almost surgically attached to his guitar, we have to tell him to stop playing for five minutes every now and again rather than encourage him to practice. He can’t wait to go and see live music and what a way to start. We are going to watch the super talented Mancunian five-piece  called Kabantu. “Kabantu” means “of the people”. This stems from the South African philosophy of Ubuntu, “I am what I am because of who we all are”. What a wonderful concept. We have all listened to them back to back on youtube and can’t wait to see the real deal.


So it starts with our first full-family camping trip and an afternoon of music and I can’t wait to see where else it takes us.

Where are you heading this summer?