Love Coffee – Hate Plastic

As I might have mentioned…once or twice…I am a serious coffee addict. My eyes don’t open until the first drops hit the back of my throat – I’m not worth talking to until the second cup goes down but by the third…”World domination before lunch you say?” – I’m your girl!

Overhead Shot Of Coffee Cups

I love the smell of freshly roasted beans, I love it straight up and black, frothy with milk, with or without sugar, with a hit of syrup – in ice cream, on a cake, in a milkshake. You get my drift right?

I have switched in the day time to herbal teas but in order for my brain to work – coffee is still the only way. I know it’s not big and it’s not clever – I know intravenous caffeine is bad for me and probably contributes in no small part to my inability to sleep but I take comfort in one thing. My husband is worse than me!

Reducing Plastic Waste and Single Use Plastic – My Own Personal Taskforce

I have a seven year old daughter – she’s a feisty little thing with a precious soul. One episode of Blue Planet and I now have a feisty, precious-soul on a mission. A mission to clean up our family act and a commitment to reducing plastic waste. First to go were our plastic lunch boxes, next was single use plastic bottles, then picnic cutlery. Those sources eliminated and she turned her attention to her our prized possession – our state of the art coffee maker which uses…you’ve guessed it – plastic pods. Suddenly our source of morning vitality was a no-go zone.


Pod-Free Coffee

So rather than cry into my (empty) coffee mug we decided to hunt for alternatives. Our funds don’t stretch to a bean to cup machine right now and however hard I try, cafetieres don’t cut it after an espresso machine. So when we were offered the chance to try out a stove top option from VonSheff I jumped at the chance.

Perfect for Father’s Day or to gift the coffee junkie in your family, the VonSheff espresso maker comes in a stylish box with four of those beautiful glass coffee cups with little metal handles – now I can even pretend I’m in Milan in the morning!

The stylish coffee maker is easy to use, easy to clean and produces a damn fine cup of the black stuff. It looks smart on the shelf and is fast and efficient. I would even go so far as to say that it has improved my coffee experience. We are no longer restricted to the limited range of coffee pod options and have found some amazing brands that use eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging.

Coffee maker that does not use plastic pods - overhead and side shot of coffee maker and cups

Other Easy Ways To Start Reducing Plastic Waste in Your Foodie Household

  • Paper straws
  • Bamboo travel mugs and lunch boxes
  • Wooden picnic cutlery
  • Beeswax wraps for food storage
  • Glass containers for fridge and freezer storage

What Tips Do You Have For Reducing Plastic Waste In Your Kitchen?


N.B. This espresso maker was gifted to use by Domu Brands – I’m such a serious coffee junkie that this is my honest opinion of the product.


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