Taking the kids to see live music

We love music in our house, whether we are hosting a party, chilling over dinner or doing homework there is a tune in the background. Loud music when I’m angry, classical when I’m sad, rock when the kids need cheering up.

Most of the time someone is dancing, often someone is twanging a guitar or tapping out the rythm on the table. But always music. Always.

A musical education

We decided that this year would be the year that we gave our kids a bit of a musical education – I can’t help it but whilst I love music…”High School Musical” on repeat is starting to grind a little. So when the opportunity came up to treat the kids to a fantastic gig at the Buxton International Festival I jumped at the chance.

The Spiegeltent


Tucked away in the Pavillion Gardens in the beautiful Peak District town of Buxton, we discovered the jewel that is the Spiegeltent. The kids gasped as they took in the intricately decorated domed  structure with it’s incredible tented ceiling. “It’s like something from the Greatest Showman Mummy” said Phoebe. And indeed it was. Inside the Speiegeltent is bedecked with mirrors and decorated pillars with fabulous creations (some of them feature carefully carved nudes, much to Phoebe’s delight and barely muted shock).


Seated in the round we eagerly awaited the arrival of Kabantu, a mancunian five piece band and we were not disappointed. Comprising a fiercely talented percussionist, a cello played by an exuberant African, a fiddle played by a young Scottish lass who could whistle like a magical creature as well as a guitarist and a double bass, they transported us on a musical adventure.


No substitute

There really is no subsitute for seeing and hearing music live. To watch the musicians and their obvious love for their craft and passion for the music is something you don’t quickly forget.

The music took us through Ireland, Africa, India, Scotland and many more stops along the way. The children were absolutely mesmerized and didn’t take their eyes off the stage for a second. One lady stopped us on the way out and said that it was hard to choose whether to watch the kids or the band a their faces were so delightful!

Broadening our Horizons

Since we came home the music on the stereo has changed. High School Musical has taken a backseat and our horizons have been broadened.

If you are looking for something to do then look no further. The magical Spiegeltent and the legendary acts playing inside it are worth every penny and a fabulous use of a summer afternoon.